E-commerce is seen as an exciting opportunity for budding entrepreneurs. There is huge potential for building a successful business with a loyal customer base and healthy profits. The problem, however, is that many also see starting an E-commerce business as simple. In truth, starting an online business requires dedication, perseverance, and investment. The majority of new online retail businesses actually fail, but there’s plenty you can learn from these new businesses to ensure you don’t fall into the same traps – ensuring you have a strong, rewarding online store.

There are plenty of common pitfalls that new businesses fall into and important considerations that they overlook. FME Extensions share why the majority of E-commerce businesses fail and how you can avoid doing the same on the infographic.

Here’s what makes their list:

• Website ranking
• Lack of patience
• High shipping costs
• Insecure website
• Poor design
• Slow loading
• Mobile usability
• Inconvenient return policy
• Lack of product detail
• Lack of satisfied customers
• Not understanding the needs of your customer

Check out the infographic for more detail.

Reasons why Online E-commerce business fails=========================================================

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